Papa Joe 
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles
©2000 by Joe Kretschmer

I like turtles; they're so much fun.
I like turtles; they sleep in the sun.
I like turtles; they walk, don't run.
When everyone's finished the race they've just begun.

I like turtles; they don't make a sound.
I like turtles; they really get around.
When they come to a hill, they just roll down.
They got no lips, so they can't smile or frown.

[bridge 1]
Turtle been around for milltions of years.
They can blink, but they don't shed tears.
Can't wear glasses-they got no ears.
Ilike turtles!

I like turtles; they're quiet like a stone.
I like turtles; don't talk on the phone.
I like turtles; they don't whine or moan.
All they want is for us to leave'em alone.

I like turtles; they really are swell.
I like turtles; they got a pretty shell.
I like turtles; they got a funny smell.
They can come to your door, but they can't ring the bell.

[bridge 2]
Turtle doesn't need a Cadillac.
Got everything he needs right on his back.
Turtle not mean, turtle not scary; turtle just eat them fruits and berries.
Ilike turtles!

I like turtles, they walk real slow.
I like turtles, they sit real low.
I like turtles, just wanted you to know.
Next time you see a turtle you should say "hello."
I like turtles--a lot.
Lyrics Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Music Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Producer Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Publisher Credits: Papa Joe Music
Performance Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Short Song Description:
Light-hearted song about turtles.
Long Song Description:
Light-hearted song about how the narrator likes turtles--frequent comic images and comparisons.
Song Length: 3:01
Primary Genre: Unique-Children
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: General
Subject Matter 2: Hope
Mood 1: Pleasant
Mood 2: Affable
Language: English