Papa Joe 
Grandpa's Story
Grandpa's Story ©1999 by Joe Kretschmer

One day my grandson came to me, and climbed upon my knee
He said "Grandpa, what it was like when you were young like me?"
My Boy, I said, I'll tell you a tale, a story just for you.
And unlike your fairy tales, every word of it is true.

There were no videos or VCRs; we didn't have a TV set.
But we had so much fun back then, I never will forget.
There were caves to explore, creeks to fish, and lots of trees to climb.
But the thing we had that I liked best was lots and lots of time.

(We had) Time to dream, time to grow; time to add to the things you know.
Time for fun and for sorrow too; time to make all your dreams come true.

When I was a boy I was seldom bored, there were always things to do.
I read books about the Hardy Boys, the girls read Nancy Drew.
We played tag, jump rope, and kick the can, and none of it cost a dime.
All we needed way back then were friends and lots of time. [(We had... Chorus]

Now my boy I'll tell you a secret, and you can tell your sister, too.
All of life's mysteries are locked inside of you.
Just trust in love and God above, and then one day you'll find,
The answers to your questions about life, love, and time. [(Just take the...) Chorus]
Lyrics Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Music Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Producer Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Performance Credits: Joe Kretschmer, Bonnie Kretschmer, Mark Weierman
Short Song Description:
A grandfather tells his grandson about the good old days.
Long Song Description:
The grandfather explains to his grandson that of all the things that he loved when he was a child, the thing that he most valued was having friends and time.
Song Length: 3:39
Primary Genre: Country-General
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Teachers
Subject Matter 2: Heartbreak
Mood 1: Endearing
Language: English