Papa Joe 
Yes, Dear
Yes, Dear [Joe Kretschmer, Sept. 2001]

Well, I understand you went and got yourself a wife.
I hope you realize how much this is gonna change your life.
And for what it's worth, I've got a little advice for you
Just remember those magic words--not three little words, but two.

Yeah, you can say "I love you" and she'll answer with a smile.
But "I love you" ain't gonna cut it after you've been married for a while.
The words you need to remember are so simple and sincere,
The two little words that'll serve you best, I'm talkin' about: "Yes, Dear."

Yes, Dear. Yes, Dear. That's all you gotta say.
Yes, Dear. Why yes, Dear. You gonna use it every day.
At times when that's all you got, it's gonna save your you-know-what.
Just sit back, smile and say: "Yes, Dear."

Now I've been married for a good long time, so I know what I'm talking about.
You can argue with her 'til you're blue in the face; you can jump up and down and shout.
But you're never gonna win, you'll just cave in, falling like an autumn leaf.
While just a simple "Yes, Dear" could have spared you all that grief.

Yes, there are many pretty words you can whisper to your mate.
But in the long run there's only two she's gonna appreciate?[chorus: "And those are?"]

[Chorus - 3rd line: When war clouds form inside your lodge, just think of all the trouble you'll dodge?]
Lyrics Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Music Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Performance Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Short Song Description:
Advice to a guy getting married for the first time.
Song Length: 2:52
Primary Genre: Unique-Unclassified
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Anger
Language: English