Papa Joe 
The Ballad of Ezekiel Hill
Ezekiel went to town one day
Driving his beat-up Chevrolet
Dropped by the bank to get his paycheck cashed.

He had plans for a wild weekend
Down at the bar with all his friends
Drinkin' late until he came home trashed.

The day was warm with bright sunshine
He whistled while he waited in line
The girl behind the counter looked so fine

But she didn't see him look at her
She handed the check to a manager
Saying something that Ezekial couldn't hear

Then, as sympathetic as she could
she said "I'm sorry but this check's no good,
The account's been closed and the owner's disappeared."

Ezekiel didn't understand and he couldn't believe
He screamed and shouted, shook his fists in grief
The manager said "Sir, I'm afraid you'll have to leave."

Ezekiel jumped into his car
Drove like crazy down to the bar.
Met some other workers; told them they'd been had.

Ezekiel screamed "We're gonna take what's ours!"
As the men got into their cars
And drove to the office swearing mad.

Ezekiel pressed the gas pedal to the floor
Drove his car right through the office door
Through the gap the crowd begin to pour

A woman in an office that shared the lease
Made a call to the local police
They rushed to scene with their sirens on.

When the police arrived the men started to run
One thought Ezekiel reached for a gun
He fired a round and Ezekeil's life was done.

Ezekiel's wife moaned and screamed
The whole town witnessed the scene
That night on the news from the TV screen

The funeral was small and had no frills
Workers chipped in to pay the bills
For the tiny stone that marked Ezekiel's grave

On the wall in the local drinkin' place
Ezekiel's picture stares into space
The local men still talk about that day

Folks around here, they don't have much to say
Life goes on, the children laugh and play
In a small town in the middle of the USA
Just a small town in the middle of the USA
Lyrics Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Music Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Producer Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Publisher Credits: Papa Joe Music
Performance Credits: Joe Kretschmer
Label Credits: Papa Joe Music
Short Song Description:
Tells of a tragedy in a small US town
Song Length: 3:41
Primary Genre: Folk-Country
Secondary Genre: Country-General
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Mood 1: Moving
Language: English